Skivate is the familial pairing between brothers Skipper and Private (Ski/pper and Pri/vate)

Relationship NicknamesEdit

Pripper (Pr/ivate and Sk/ipper)

Moments in the Series Edit

Television Series Edit

Season 2 Edit

"Maurice at Peace" Edit

Skipper covers Private's eyes from the sight of Kowalski wounded by cacti.

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The Penguins of Madagascar Edit

Screenshots Edit
Kowivate (Kowalski and Private)Kipper (Kowalski and Skipper)Phason (Phil and Mason)Skico (Rico & Skipper)Skivate (Skipper and Private)
Prilene (Private and Marlene)Skilene (Skipper and Marlene)Skipper & Julien
Kowalski & EvaJulien & Marlene

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