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"Penguins are our flesh and feathers, and if anyone's going to save us, it's us."

—Skipper to his brothers

Skipper is the deuteragonist of the film and one of the four protagonists in the TV series. Brother of Rico and Kowalski and (adopted) older brother of Private, Skipper is the leader of the penguins

Background Edit

Skipper was born in the frozen tundra of Antarctica with his brothers, Kowalski and Rico. He defied nature when he saw an unhatched penguin. The brothers are able to catch the egg, which hatches. When Kowalski tells the cold hard truth of them going to die and that the baby penguin has no family, Skipper and his brothers adopt the penguin as one of their own. They eventually name him Private.

Personality Edit

Born to be leader and is often hard at times, Skipper has a soft spot for his brothers, especially Private, the youngest of the four of them.

Relationships Edit

Marlene Edit

Private Edit

Ever since Private was a child, Skipper has loved him and called him adorable. The first movie shows him beign cruel to Private, often slapping him for doing things wrong. Even though Skipper is hard at times, he has a soft spot for Private, showing that he is concerned for his brother's wellbeing and later hugs Private relieved that he is alive and well. During the film, Skipper continues treating him like a tagalong. He then endangers Private when he has him as the distraction to stop Dave, but he ends up kidnapping the penguins that were in there, including Private. Skipper later becomes determined to rescue his captive brother. He still believes that Private is dead by

Centric episodes Edit

  • Action Reaction (shared with King Julien)
  • All Tied Up With a Boa (shared with King Julien)
  • Alienated (shared with King Julien)
  • Assault and Batteries (shared with King Julien)
  • Crown Fools (shared with Julien and Marlene)
  • Command Crisis
  • Cut-Astrophe (shared with Private)
  • Dr. Blowhole's Revenge (shared with Julien
  • Endangerous Species (shared with Kowalski
  • Goodnight and Good chuck (shared with Kowalski, Private and Rico
  • Gut Instinct (shared with Julien)
  • Huffin and Puffin
  • I Was a Penguin Zombie
  • In the Line of Doody
  • Jungle Law (shared with Julien)
  • King Julien for a Day (shared with Julien)
  • Miss Understanding
  • Needle Point
  • Operation: Antarctica (shared with Julien and Private)
  • Operation: Big Blue Marble (shared with Kowalski, Private and Rico)
  • Operation: Break-Speare (shared with Julien and Private
  • Operation: Good Deed (shared with Rico, Private, and Kowalski)
  • Operation: Neighbor Swap (shared with Julien)
  • Our man in Grrfurjiclestan (shared with Kowalski, Private and Rico)
  • P.E.L.T.
  • Pets Peeved (shared with Julien)
  • Rat fink (shared with Julien)
  • Rock-A-Bye Birdie (shared with Julien)
  • Skipper Makes Perfect
  • Smotherly Love (shared with Rico Private and Kowalski)
  • The Big Move 
  • The Big S.T.A.N.K. (shared with Julien)
  • The Hoboken Surpise (shared with Private, RIco and Kowalsk)
  • The Most Dangerous Game Night (shared with Private, Rico, and Marlene, and Kowalski)
  • The Return of the Revenge of Dr. Blowhole (shared with Private, Rico, Julien)
  • Work Order 
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