Skilene is one of the main pairings on The Penguins of Madagascar. It is between Skipper, the leader of Penguins and Marlene, the female lead in the series.

Marlene's impression on Skipper Edit

Marlene views Skipper as a very close friend and ally. Sometimes, they share a brother-sister relationship. She also finds him "boring" in "Crown Fools" and can't think of anything funny as Julien can. He even tried to have fun only to impress Marlene.

Skipper's impression on Marlene Edit

Skipper view s Marlene as a friend as well and values her opinion most of the time. He is protective over her because she is a female.

Centered episodes Edit

Series 1 Edit

Haunted Habitat Edit

Miss Understanding: Edit

Skipper comes to her now as a "girl", she is a little bit confused on why he's a female now. She also states that he should just be himself (or in this case "herself"). She does cause him to save their friends because Skipper claimed it to be "too dangerous" for them. He does call her a moron, causing Marlene to almost strangle him if Private didn't intervene between them.