Friends Edit

Hunter Edit

Private and hunterPOM

Private held by Hunter above an ocean filled with leopard seals

Private once saved a young, female leopard seal named Hunter after she was caught in a net by Cecil and Brick. However, he is at first terrified of her, but Private later learns to like her as  a friend. However, Skipper, Rico and Kowalski disapprove about their friendship and sling her from a slingshot to a nearby ocean. To the horror of his older brothers, Private jumped onto the slingshot with Hutner, knowing she wouldn't make it on her own. Hunter also protects him from the other leopard seals

Their signature move is when Hunter has Private hop in her mouth and she begins shaking him like a wild animal; however, unknown to the both of them, this is usually what a leopord seal does to tenderize the meat before they eat the penguin. 

They briefly drift away, but Private helps Hunter save her father and say farewell to each other. 

Romantic Relationships Edit

Cupid Edit

(Love interest in Merry Madagascar)

A female reindeer whom Private immediately falls in love with upon seeing her.

This is a forbidden romance because Christmas reindeer and penguins are natural enemies because of Santa's choice from moving to the North Pole instead of the south Pole. Both their families despise the relationship, particularly Private's oldest brother Skipper, who even slapped him out of daze for Cupid. Before an actual romance, Private and Cupid depart, but not before saying goodbye to each other. Their relationship somewhat resembled to that of Romeo and Juliet.

Shawna Edit

(Love interest in season 2)

Private later falls in love with a human intern named Shawna. He gets himself injured every time just to go visit her.  Eventually, the others find out and Private later asks if they ever been in love, and they respond to how it felt like. However, seeing he is an animal and she was a human, this would never have been seen through. Private later chooses his brothers over love.

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