Prilene is the friendship  and non-canon romantic relationship between Private and Marlene (Pri/vate and Mar/lene). 

Before the SeriesEdit

Both of them appeared to have known each other since she came to the zoo after she was taken away from the aquarium she once came from

In seriesEdit

Season 1Edit

"Otter Gone Wild"Edit

Marlene ends up going wild and missing from the others and everyone starts worrying for her and look for Marlene (except Julien). Private goes to hug her after finding her, but she just ends up attacking the young penguin instead.

Season 2Edit

Badger PrideEdit

The most significant episode they share is "Badger Pride" where Marlene tries to get Private to overcome his fear of badgers, and no matter how much he tries to get out of it, the more Marlene wants him to overcome this silly fear. After the badgers are revealed to be easily insulted and not so friendly, Private gives her a garlic bag that will "ward off evil badger spirits". However, she is chased by Stacy and Becky and Private goes to save her by shooting the machine and uses it to shoot at them tennis balls. .

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