Phason is the friendship between Phil and Mason (Ph/il and M/ason) are chimpanzees who are recurring characters on the series and supporting character in the Madagascar films

History Edit

Phil and Mason are best friends, but are polar opposites.While Phil is usually messy and temperamental, Mason is usually clean freak, having to clean up ever mess a person makes, most notably Phil's.

Throughout the Series Edit

Season 1 Edit

"Over-Phil" Edit

The two of them have their major fight. First, Phil keeps on ruining all this and all of Mason's work. However, when Phil gets out of control. Mason moves out. However, with Private's help, the two of them make up and become friends again.

"Lunar Eclipsed" Edit

Both conspire to get Julien to stop dancing and ruining their Saturday mornings. However, the jokes on them when Skipper helps Julien getting back to his old self.