Kowivate Is the friendship pairing between Kowalski and Private (Kow/alski and Pr/ivate)

Throughout the movie Edit

  • Kowalski watched Private get hatched right before them and called his birth "extraordinary beauty" before they get hit by the goo in the egg.
  • Kowalski immediately believes Private to be adorable when he was born. Later, he accidentally hurts Private's feelings, by saying they were likely to die (even though Private simply asked if the boys were his family or not).
  • Kowalski thought his little brother was dead when he was seemingly killed by Dave's Medusa serum ray.
  • Private is worried when Kowalski and the others are in trouble.
  • When Private is later revealed to be alive, Kowalski hugs Private and squeezes the life out of him.

Throughout the Series Edit

Season 1 Edit

Season 2 Edit

"Time Out"Edit

  • When the boys are unfrozen, Kowalski picks up Private and twirls him around, and tells Private to "Say something naive but adorable."

"Our Man in Grrfurjiclestan"Edit

  • Kowalski looks at Private sternly after he gives Rockgut a fake name like the other three did in "The Red Squirrel".

"Invention intervention" Edit

  • Kowalski begins inventing in secret after Skipper forbade Kowalski from any more inventions.
  • Private catches Kowalski making an invisible ray.
  • Kowalski tries lying, but Private knows him well enough when Kowalski is not telling the honest truth.
  • He does keep Kowalski's ray a secret.


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